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Our Creations

Our creations explore urgent and complex themes, such as the stigmatization, dehumanization, and invisibility of marginalized groups. Each performance is conceived from unique approaches that combine a collaborative and multiethnic vision with the concepts of Performative Practices in Dance, Real-Time Composition, and Dance-Tragedy. We gather a technical-artistic team of professionals with and without disabilities, resulting in a diverse and provocative mosaic where the intensity of experiences merges into works of social relevance and urgency.

Our work stands out in the field of contemporary dance mainly for its issues of inclusion and accessibility, the hybridization between dance and theater, and the presence of diverse bodies and subjectivities on stage.

We view accessibility as an intrinsic aesthetic element in each of our works. We use contemporary dance as an agent of social change, stimulating critical thinking and reflection on urgent issues. Below are some of our creations

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