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Artistic Philosophy

Promote social inclusion and accessibility in the arts through innovative, diverse, accessible, and inclusive projects. Enable the development of critical thinking through dance and artistic hybridism, creating opportunities for artistic and personal development for society, especially for those facing barriers to accessing culture.

  • Mission

To be a national and international reference in inclusive and accessible dance artistic practices, recognized for our performance, excellence, and innovation. We aspire to a future where art is accessible to all and diversity is valued as an essential element for cultural and social enrichment, promoting the protagonism of marginalized people.


Value inclusion and diversity in all its forms. Constantly seek innovation, exploring the intersections of art and solutions for inclusion. Respect the individuality and experiences of each person. Collaborate as a team and establish partnerships to amplify cultural impact. Strive for excellence in all productions and activities, with a commitment to quality, professionalism, accessibility, and inclusion. Adopt sustainable practices to ensure project continuity and respect for the environment.


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